Keeping things up-to-date

Vendored Libraries

  • CKEditor <>_

  • datetimepicker <>_

  • jQuery-UI: Note: This has very specific CSL customizations)

  • Messenger <>_

  • selectize <>_

  • sortable <>_

Updating Top-level Requirements

If any commit changes the direct dependencies of Ion, you must update `the requirements documentation<developing/requirements>`_ to reflect the changes to Ion’s dependencies. That page is organized into sections for each dependency, with a line for the package’s source URL, a general description of the package, the usage of the package in Ion, and the package’s license.

For example, here is a valid section:

Additional lines may be added to identify needed actions regarding the package.

Requirements for Dependencies

All dependencies to Ion must be licensed under an OSI-approved open source license. The use of the package must be compatible with the terms of the GNU General Public License v2 (or later version).

All direct dependencies to Ion must be reported in the requirements documentation.