Source code for intranet.apps.preferences.views

import logging

from cacheops import invalidate_obj

from django.conf import settings
from django.contrib import messages
from django.contrib.auth import get_user_model
from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required
from django.shortcuts import redirect, render

from ..auth.decorators import eighth_admin_required
from ..bus.models import Route
from ..users.models import Email
from .forms import (BusRouteForm, DarkModeForm, EmailFormset, NotificationOptionsForm, PhoneFormset, PreferredPictureForm, PrivacyOptionsForm,

logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)

[docs]def get_personal_info(user): """Get a user's personal info attributes to pass as an initial value to a PersonalInformationForm.""" # change this to not use other_phones num_phones = len(user.phones.all() or []) num_emails = len(user.emails.all() or []) num_websites = len(user.websites.all() or []) personal_info = {} for i in range(num_phones): personal_info["phone_{}".format(i)] = user.phones.all()[i] for i in range(num_emails): personal_info["email_{}".format(i)] = user.emails.all()[i] for i in range(num_websites): personal_info["website_{}".format(i)] = user.websites.all()[i] num_fields = {"phones": num_phones, "emails": num_emails, "websites": num_websites} return personal_info, num_fields
[docs]def save_personal_info(request, user): phone_formset = PhoneFormset(request.POST, instance=user, prefix="pf") email_formset = EmailFormset(request.POST, instance=user, prefix="ef") website_formset = WebsiteFormset(request.POST, instance=user, prefix="wf") errors = [] if phone_formset.is_valid(): else: errors.append("Could not set phone numbers.") if email_formset.is_valid(): else: for error in email_formset.errors: if isinstance(error.get("address"), list): errors.append(error["address"][0]) errors.append("Could not set emails.") if website_formset.is_valid(): else: errors.append("Could not set websites.") return phone_formset, email_formset, website_formset, errors
[docs]def get_preferred_pic(user): """Get a user's preferred picture attributes to pass as an initial value to a PreferredPictureForm.""" # FIXME: remove this hardcoded junk preferred_pic = {"preferred_photo": "AUTO"} if user.preferred_photo: preferred_pic["preferred_photo"] = user.preferred_photo.grade_number return preferred_pic
[docs]def save_preferred_pic(request, user): preferred_pic = get_preferred_pic(user) preferred_pic_form = PreferredPictureForm(user, data=request.POST, initial=preferred_pic) if preferred_pic_form.is_valid(): if preferred_pic_form.has_changed(): fields = preferred_pic_form.cleaned_data if "preferred_photo" in fields: # These aren't actually the Photos, these are the grade_numbers of the Photos new_preferred_pic = fields["preferred_photo"] old_preferred_pic = preferred_pic["preferred_photo"] if preferred_pic else None if old_preferred_pic == new_preferred_pic: pass else: try: if new_preferred_pic == "AUTO": user.preferred_photo = None else: user.preferred_photo = except Exception as e: messages.error(request, "Unable to set field {} with value {}: {}".format("preferred_pic", new_preferred_pic, e)) logger.debug("Unable to set field preferred_pic with value %s: %s", new_preferred_pic, e) else: messages.success( request, "Set field {} to {}".format( "preferred_pic", new_preferred_pic if not isinstance(new_preferred_pic, list) else ", ".join(new_preferred_pic) ), ) return preferred_pic_form
[docs]def get_privacy_options(user): """Get a user's privacy options to pass as an initial value to a PrivacyOptionsForm.""" privacy_options = {} for ptype in user.permissions: for field in user.permissions[ptype]: if ptype == "self": privacy_options["{}-{}".format(field, ptype)] = user.permissions[ptype][field] else: privacy_options[field] = user.permissions[ptype][field] return privacy_options
[docs]def save_privacy_options(request, user): privacy_options = get_privacy_options(user) privacy_options_form = PrivacyOptionsForm(user, data=request.POST, initial=privacy_options) if privacy_options_form.is_valid(): if privacy_options_form.has_changed(): fields = privacy_options_form.cleaned_data for field in fields: if field in privacy_options and privacy_options[field] == fields[field]: pass else: try: if field.endswith("-self"): field_name = field.split("-self")[0] field_type = "self" elif field.endswith("self"): field_name = field.split("self")[0] field_type = "self" else: field_name = field field_type = "parent" if field_type == "self": success =, fields[field], admin=request.user.is_eighth_admin) elif request.user.is_eighth_admin: success =, fields[field], parent=True, admin=True) else: raise Exception("You do not have permission to change this parent field.") if not success: raise Exception("You cannot override the parent field.") except Exception as e: messages.error(request, "Unable to set field {} with value {}: {}".format(field, fields[field], e)) logger.debug("Unable to set field %s with value %s: %s", field, fields[field], e) else: messages.success( request, "Set field {} to {}".format(field, fields[field] if not isinstance(fields[field], list) else ", ".join(fields[field])), ) return privacy_options_form
[docs]def get_notification_options(user): """Get a user's notification options to pass as an initial value to a NotificationOptionsForm.""" notification_options = {} notification_options["receive_news_emails"] = user.receive_news_emails notification_options["receive_eighth_emails"] = user.receive_eighth_emails try: notification_options["primary_email"] = user.primary_email except Email.DoesNotExist: user.primary_email = None notification_options["primary_email"] = None return notification_options
[docs]def save_notification_options(request, user): notification_options = get_notification_options(user) notification_options_form = NotificationOptionsForm(user, data=request.POST, initial=notification_options) if notification_options_form.is_valid(): if notification_options_form.has_changed(): fields = notification_options_form.cleaned_data for field in fields: if field in notification_options and notification_options[field] == fields[field]: pass else: setattr(user, field, fields[field]) try: messages.success( request, "Set field {} to {}".format(field, fields[field] if not isinstance(fields[field], list) else ", ".join(fields[field])), ) except TypeError: pass return notification_options_form
[docs]def get_bus_route(user): """Get a user's bus route to pass as an initial value to a BusRouteForm.""" return {"bus_route": user.bus_route.route_name if user.bus_route else None}
[docs]def save_bus_route(request, user): bus_route = get_bus_route(user) bus_route_form = BusRouteForm(data=request.POST, initial=bus_route) if bus_route_form.is_valid(): if bus_route_form.has_changed(): fields = bus_route_form.cleaned_data for field in fields: if field in bus_route and bus_route[field] == fields[field]: pass else: try: if fields[field]: route = Route.objects.get(route_name=fields[field]) else: route = None setattr(user, field, route) except Exception as e: # TODO: replace with better error handling logger.error("Error processing Bus Route Form: %s", e) try: if fields[field]: messages.success( request, "Set field {} to {}".format( field, fields[field] if not isinstance(fields[field], list) else ", ".join(fields[field]) ), ) else: messages.success(request, "Cleared field {}".format(field)) except TypeError: pass return bus_route_form
[docs]def save_gcm_options(request, user): if request.user.notificationconfig and request.user.notificationconfig.gcm_token: receive = "receive_push_notifications" in request.POST if receive: nc = user.notificationconfig if nc.gcm_optout is True: nc.gcm_optout = False messages.success(request, "Enabled push notifications") else: nc = user.notificationconfig if nc.gcm_optout is False: nc.gcm_optout = True messages.success(request, "Disabled push notifications")
[docs]def save_dark_mode_settings(request, user): dark_mode_form = DarkModeForm(user, data=request.POST, initial={"dark_mode_enabled": user.dark_mode_properties.dark_mode_enabled}) if dark_mode_form.is_valid(): if dark_mode_form.has_changed(): user.dark_mode_properties.dark_mode_enabled = dark_mode_form.cleaned_data["dark_mode_enabled"] invalidate_obj(request.user.dark_mode_properties) messages.success(request, ("Dark mode enabled" if user.dark_mode_properties.dark_mode_enabled else "Dark mode disabled")) return dark_mode_form
[docs]@login_required def preferences_view(request): """View and process updates to the preferences page.""" user = request.user if request.method == "POST": logger.debug("Preparing to update user preferences for user %s", phone_formset, email_formset, website_formset, errors = save_personal_info(request, user) if user.is_student: preferred_pic_form = save_preferred_pic(request, user) bus_route_form = save_bus_route(request, user) """ The privacy options form is disabled due to the permissions feature being unused and changes to school policy. """ # privacy_options_form = save_privacy_options(request, user) privacy_options_form = None else: preferred_pic_form = None bus_route_form = None privacy_options_form = None notification_options_form = save_notification_options(request, user) dark_mode_form = save_dark_mode_settings(request, user) for error in errors: messages.error(request, error) try: save_gcm_options(request, user) except AttributeError: pass return redirect("preferences") else: phone_formset = PhoneFormset(instance=user, prefix="pf") email_formset = EmailFormset(instance=user, prefix="ef") website_formset = WebsiteFormset(instance=user, prefix="wf") if user.is_student: preferred_pic = get_preferred_pic(user) bus_route = get_bus_route(user) preferred_pic_form = PreferredPictureForm(user, initial=preferred_pic) bus_route_form = BusRouteForm(initial=bus_route) """ The privacy options form is disabled due to the permissions feature being unused and changes to school policy. """ """ privacy_options = get_privacy_options(user) privacy_options_form = PrivacyOptionsForm(user, initial=privacy_options) """ privacy_options_form = None else: bus_route_form = None preferred_pic = None preferred_pic_form = None privacy_options_form = None notification_options = get_notification_options(user) notification_options_form = NotificationOptionsForm(user, initial=notification_options) dark_mode_form = DarkModeForm(user, initial={"dark_mode_enabled": user.dark_mode_properties.dark_mode_enabled}) context = { "phone_formset": phone_formset, "email_formset": email_formset, "website_formset": website_formset, "preferred_pic_form": preferred_pic_form, "privacy_options_form": privacy_options_form, "notification_options_form": notification_options_form, "bus_route_form": bus_route_form if settings.ENABLE_BUS_APP else None, "dark_mode_form": dark_mode_form, } return render(request, "preferences/preferences.html", context)
[docs]@eighth_admin_required def privacy_options_view(request): """View and edit privacy options for a user.""" user = request.user # NOTE: DO NOT assume that only eighth admins can access this view. # Yes, this is decorated with @eighth_admin_required. That is subject to change at any time. if request.user.is_eighth_admin: # ONLY eighth admins are allowed to change other students' prferences if "user" in request.GET: user = get_user_model().objects.user_with_ion_id(request.GET.get("user")) elif "student_id" in request.GET: user = get_user_model().objects.user_with_student_id(request.GET.get("student_id")) if not user: messages.error(request, "Invalid user.") user = request.user if not user.is_student: # Non-students cannot have privacy options set user = None if user: if request.method == "POST": privacy_options_form = save_privacy_options(request, user) else: privacy_options = get_privacy_options(user) privacy_options_form = PrivacyOptionsForm(user, initial=privacy_options) context = {"privacy_options_form": privacy_options_form, "profile_user": user} else: context = {"profile_user": user} return render(request, "preferences/privacy_options.html", context)