intranet package



intranet.asgi module

Sets up application for channels

intranet.celery module

intranet.celery.setup_logger(logger, **kwargs)[source]

intranet.routing module

Defines routes for channels

class intranet.routing.WebsocketCloseConsumer(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Bases: channels.generic.websocket.WebsocketConsumer

receive(text_data: Optional[str] = None, bytes_data: Optional[bytes] = None)[source]

intranet.wsgi module

WSGI config for intranet project.

This module contains the WSGI application used by Django’s development server and any production WSGI deployments. It should expose a module-level variable named application. Django’s runserver and runfcgi commands discover this application via the WSGI_APPLICATION setting.

Usually you will have the standard Django WSGI application here, but it also might make sense to replace the whole Django WSGI application with a custom one that later delegates to the Django one. For example, you could introduce WSGI middleware here, or combine a Django application with an application of another framework.

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