intranet.apps.emerg package


intranet.apps.emerg.api module

intranet.apps.emerg.api.emerg_status(self, request, *args, **kwargs)[source]

intranet.apps.emerg.tasks module

intranet.apps.emerg.views module


Fetch from FCPS’ emergency announcement page.

URL defined in settings.FCPS_EMERGENCY_PAGE

Request timeout defined in settings.FCPS_EMERGENCY_TIMEOUT


Get the cached FCPS emergency page, or check it again.

Timeout defined in settings.CACHE_AGE[“emerg”]

intranet.apps.emerg.views.get_emerg_result(*, custom_logger=None)[source]

Run the fetch command from FCPS.

intranet.apps.emerg.views.update_emerg_cache(*, custom_logger=None)None[source]

Updates the cached contents of FCPS emergency page.

This forces a cache update, regardless of whether or not the cache has expired. However, it does set the cache entry to expire in settings.CACHE_AGE["emerg"] seconds.


custom_logger – A custom logging.Logger instance to use for log messages relating to the cache update.

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